The Project

We have four kids living in this house. I am a former baker and current occasional chef/caterer and serious foodie. I am married to a former sommelier and even more serious foodie.

Yet one of our kid’s favorite food is Hamburger Helper. Where did we go wrong?

I grew tired of the monotony of hearing “This is gross!” and “I told you I don’t like cheese!” and “I hated this the last time you made me eat it!” I know kids don’t necessarily rejoice at dishes they can’t pronounce and anything that includes the words “tartare” or “aspic” or “terrine.” But what drove me nuts was their flightiness, their habit of turning up their noses Friday at something they adored Tuesday. So I created The 100% List.

There are few requirements for this List, currently posted on the inside of my pantry door. First, every kid in the house must agree that they like it. Second, every kid in the house must agree that they would eat it again.

That’s it.

I cook every night, so you’d think The List would be too long to bother with by now. Yeah, right.

Now, I’m not a terrible cook. In fact, I daresay I’m a pretty damn fine one. And it’s not like I expect the kids to fall in love with every Ethiopian stew or Moroccan tagine I cook, either. But why in the world is it so hard to get four kids to agree on something that should be as simple as what to have for dinner?

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t rely on my 100% List every night. I refer to it when I’m uninspired, or when I am just not up for a fight.

This blog chronicles the ups and downs of trying, hopefully not in vain, to get four kids to learn to enjoy food that doesn’t come from a brightly colored box with no expiration date.

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