Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Mustard

Serves 6

1 stalk Brussels sprouts (about 2 quarts)
1 lb bacon ends and pieces, preferably peppered (or 1 lb regular bacon)
1/2c white wine or sherry
1/4c-1/2c whole grain dijon mustard (or regular dijon…just not the nasty bright yellow American variety)
1/4c heavy cream

Remove Brussels sprouts from stalk and cut off tail ends.  Cut larger ones in half, leaving only the tiny ones whole.

Cut bacon into lardons.  Saute in large chef pan or skillet til browned — but do not drain off the fat.  Add sprouts when bacon is nearly crispy.  Add wine to deglaze pan and cover for about 8 minutes or until sprouts are softened but still bright green.  Add mustard and cream and stir to combine and coat sprouts.  Replace cover and cook to desired consistency (remember that Brussels sprouts can get bitter if cooked too long…not to mention gross and soggy…serve while still bright green).

Do not add salt or pepper before tasting this!  Of course this should be a given, but thanks to the bacon and mustard, we don’t ever add salt or pepper to this dish.  In fact, I think this is the only dish I can think of right now that I don’t season with salt and pepper…

Leftovers are fabulous, too — if you have any…

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