First Worthy Pasta

I suppose I shouldn’t assume that all my List rules are obvious.  I set up the project, so I get to make the rules.  One rule I have yet to mention is that “just add water” does not a meal make.

I realize that many American parents rely on prepackaged pasta and canned or jarred marinara-type sauce on a very regular basis.  We do this once a week during basketball and track seasons, if we have to…but that doesn’t make it List-worthy.  In a country where ketchup is considered a vegetable and a $1.79 can of Hunts spaghetti sauce is considered Italian, I have to aspire to something better.  Dang, we all do.

So I hesitated putting any sort of pasta on The List at all, until I discovered how much the kids actually enjoyed the following meal.  I made it the first time using homemade pasta (thank you, wonderful husband, for the pasta maker attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer, the very first gift he gave me…why in the hell did it take me 7 years to marry him?), but then again with storebought pasta and it was still a hit.

I have to admit that kid #2 won’t eat spaghetti, linguine, or any such long and stringy pasta creation, whether I make it at home or buy it at the store.  So while my recipe calls for tagliatelle, I admit that when he comes home and goes straight to bed after a track meet, we opt for the linguine.

#6: Pasta with Clams in Garlic and Wine

No, I’m not joking.  This was an easy 100% vote, clam shells and all.  Perhaps part of the allure was the large bowl in the middle of the table into which they were all invited to unceremoniously chuck their empty shells, but hey, whatever works.  I get my clams at the Asian grocery store most of the time…they’re fresh and much cheaper than at the regular chain grocer down the street.  Served with a green salad and sourdough bread, and we have a winner.  Find the recipe here, on my site.

The List currently sits at 6…

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