Mom’s Version of Fast Food

After this post I think I may need to add a category for “menus” because I swear I don’t usually resort to this sort of fast food.

Granted, this is Trader Joe’s “fast food,” which falls far, far to the right of the McDonald’s variety.  Having just finished Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I can assure you McDonald’s is a dirty word in this house.

But at this point, unless we’re going to eat at 9pm (which is actually kid #4’s pushed-to-the-limit bedtime), I sometimes need to resort to quickie food that can go from fridge (or grocery bag) to table in 15 minutes or less.  Easy if you are ok with opening boxes, not easy if you’re anal retentive like me.

My best friend and fellow foodie Darlene turned me on to the next entry on The List.  Growing up with her uber Japanese mom who used to feed us stuff before telling us what we were eating (a habit I happily employ here…see my Pre-population post), I admit I am sometimes wary of what Darlene suggests I feed the kids.  As much as I’d love to toss around bowls of rice and unagi, I can’t exactly find good freshwater eel at the corner Bel-Air market.  But this suggestion of hers was an immediate hit and continues to be requested over and over, every freaking time I make the mistake of taking the kids to Trader Joe’s with me.

#3: Bool Kogi

Bool Kogi is a traditional Korean sesame steak, sliced very thin.  Yes, you can make this at home and it’s actually way better than the Trader Joe’s variety, but the point of this post is fast food, not better food.  I believe Trader Joe’s markets it as Sesame Marinated Boneless Beef Ribs (ding ding ding!  Anything with the word “rib” in it has some sort of testosterone-friendly slant, as my boys automatically assume it must be football-friendly food).  If you’d rather make it yourself, check it out here on the site, or here on my site.

#4: Golden Curry

This one makes me shudder a bit, trying to hold on to any last vestige of snotty pride I may have.  After all, we just returned from an 8-day trip to an extended-stay hotel, complete with tiny kitchen, where I happily unpacked my little brushed aluminum box holding no fewer than 24 different individual tins of various herbs and spices…and we actually used them every night.  TSA agents didn’t freak out over my six tins of various dried green herbs from the garden, thinking they were marijuana samples or anything, so that was a plus.  The point is that we make our own curry and garam masala here, homemade…so the thought of using pre-packaged curry is a little embarrassing.  But again, this is fast food…

As I type this, I realize that Darlene also turned me onto this little gem-in-a-box, called Golden Curry.  We prefer the spiciest variety, but I believe it comes in three different hot-medium-mild types.  You can actually buy it online here.  Made by S&B, it is my antidote to Hamburger Helper.  However, we recently realized it contains MSG, so this presents my first 100% List dilemma…how do you remove something from The List?  Since it was voted on, I won’t take it off…but despite the serious protestations of the clan living here, I won’t make it again.  Sniff.

If MSG doesn’t bother you, give it a try.  A can of coconut milk, some leftover veggies and cheap protein, some steamed rice and you’re done. 

No more fast food posts, I promise.

The List currently sits at 4…

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